Just a quick little introduction to my site here..

When I first arrived in Tokyo last August, I came with the intention of detailing my experiences in some sort of blog-ish format for the sake of future generations of study abroaders from UW Econ coming to Japan. While I have dabbled in blogging in the past and really did have good intentions, we all know that goals often go to die without fulfillment.

So here I am February 1st, 2018, with a profound lack of a blog to show for my experiences. I honestly did make an effort to put pen to paper and record my day-to-day life in Japan for the first few weeks, but that ended up turning into an exercise for me to practice my Japanese, and as such I’d have to translate it all into English before posting here (not to mention the quality was probably less than stellar).

Anyway this blog is a little late coming, and it will be less about my personal experiences and more about what I learned from said experiences, which I imagine will be more helpful to anyone reading this anyway.


I hope this blog may provide you with some useful info and advice that you may take with you to Japan. I plan to discuss a bit about daily life here, things to know about the orientation process, choosing classes, etc. at Hitotsubashi, and perhaps most important of all, other resources to reference if you are interested in Japanese culture, what to do in an emergency situation, etc. I am no expert here so I imagine I will be passing the ball off when it comes to most topics.

And lastly, please note that I am hastily typing this whole thing out on the second floor of the Tully’s next to Kunitachi Station. There may be typos and erors, and I do apologize in advance.

May this be informative and helpful for you.